Our Vision

To empower and create opportunities for the disadvantaged

Our Mission

To promote long-life learning and continuous development of entrepreneurs coming from disadvantaged communities.

What we provide our partners with

Providing business tools, training opportunities, coaching and mentorship programmes.
Encouraging business-to-business linkages and partnerships.
Improving quality products and services suppliers to townships and rural consumers.
Assisting entrepreneurs to understand industry demands from registration, governance, and administration, compliance with health and safety requirements, technical know-how, marketing, finance-to-ethical employment and accounting practices.
Encouraging open dialogue to discuss procurement procedures, supplier’s development programmes and how companies can support SMMEs and Co-operatives through Cooperate social Investments.
Raising funds in and outside the republic in respect of budding and existing entrepreneurs in the country and other Public Benefiting organizations and philanthropic causes.
The assistance and support of SMME’s to be in advance in the fourth industrial revolution (digital).

Our Goals

• Make a difference in the communities we serve.
• Reduce poverty through education and business development.
• Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in our communities.
• Contribute to sustainable human development.
• Strengthen competitiveness and sustainability of township enterprises through collective buying and business linkages.
• Promote savings and investments for wealth creation in the township and rural areas. 

Our Values

1. Honesty
2. Integrity
3. A Will to Win
4. Quality
5. Focus on impact
6. Entrepreneurial spirit
7. Leadership by example.
8. A focus on success.

Encouraging business-to-business linkages and partnerships

Donations and Sponsorships

Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Holder: National Business Solutions NPO
Account Number: 62834473754
Branch Name: BRANCH 560
Branch Code: 250655